case studies

Here are just some of the great projects Adaray has worked on with it’s clients primarily across the technology, healthcare/wellbeing, aesthetics/beauty and professional services sectors.

A beautiful beginning

A start-up, with a highly credible background in healthcare, specifically pharmacy, DermEthics is a medical aesthetics clinic with the highest integrity. For DermEthics it’s not just about getting things right, it’s about truly championing ethical treatment practice. Where no law currently exists, DermEthics leads by example – registering with bodies such as SAVE FACE and employing COPSE surveys to ensure best practice.

Best Practice

Coming from the most regulated sector in healthcare, and with patient interests first and foremost, always, DermEthics was keen to get things right from the star. Avoiding costly marketing mistakes further down the line and getting their business off to the very best start.

With no prior experience of marketing to aspirational aesthetics clients; a very different proposition to patients in need. DermEthics sought the clarity, focus and direction it needed to enable them identify who their ideal clients were and design an engaging brand that wouldn’t just attract more of them, but build the strong relationships needed to create lifetime value.

A Thorough Solution

Launching a new business can be challenging at the best of times, especially when it’s a new sector and you don’t know what you don’t know, let alone who your ideal clients are and what drives them. DermEthics wanted to find a branding and marketing expert who had specialist knowledge and appreciation of both the healthcare and aesthetics sectors, so were delighted to be introduced to Adaray.

With matching ethical values, a rigorous and meticulous approach was employed by Adaray to ensure DermEthics had everything they needed to establish a highly professional business that was fit for purpose both now and in the future.

Working in collaboration with DermEthics, Adaray worked closely with the founders every step of the way to ensure their every need was met to the highest standards.

Here are the key assets Adaray delivered:

1.    Identified who their ideal clients were and key motivations

2.    Set the company vision, mission and importantly purpose

3.    Created a bespoke brand that’s authentic and highly deliverable

4.    Defined a tone of voice that would ‘speak to’ their ideal clients

5.    Crafted competitive advantage to help them stand out from competitors

6.    Provided practical examples of how to bring the brand to life

Working at pace, but without compromising quality the project was delivered with a six-week period, on time and to agreed budget.

A Priceless Start

Recognising how valuable it was to have a strong brand, created with their ideal clients in mind, DermEthics is now working with Adaray on creating both content and marketing strategy, to ensure maximum traction and return on investment.

Able to confidently and quickly take all brand decisions. DermEthics now has a crystal-clear brand lens through which to evaluate everything they do. From how they look…visual identity coming soon…to what they say and do, having this has given them the focus they need to behave consistently – imperative to winning new client trust and building long-lasting client relationships.

Inspired by their new brand, and fully able to deliver to the brand promises made within, has not only brought much welcomed direction for this start-up, but allowed them to convey a highly professional level of service that ultimately clients are happy to pay more for.

I couldn’t be happier with this great testimonial and can’t wait to deliver the final two chapters to ensure a really great success story for Naresh and Ula!

“Working with Jane and Adaray Marketing, is really inspiring. The professionalism, energy and drive to achieve the best results for me and my new company is priceless. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

N. Singh – Founding Director and Aesthetics Practitioner

Off to the healthiest start
Client Story

OSD Healthcare Ltd., a state-of-the-art private healthcare clinic based in Hertfordshire is the astute brainchild of an extremely successful, forward-thinking entrepreneur. He also happens to be a really great person with masses of experience in developing blue chip businesses from scratch. It was inspiring to work with him. His parting words of wisdom as I set off to build my own business with his blessing was ‘from small acorns.’ Never a truer word said. Giving me free reign to think big and the budget to act big he and the CEO were the spring-board behind me setting up Adaray and helping other businesses achieve their big ambitions. I will eternally be grateful for their support and the opportunity they gave me.

The Challenge

Heading up the marketing function for OSD, my challenge together with the senior management team was to deliver on a clear brief. Create an affordable, patient-centric, private healthcare facility, one which I embraced with relish. This was no ordinary startup, it was extremely well-funded (£17mn), well-led and well considered. Expectations were high.

It was also a very serious business, one in which peoples’ lives were literally in your hands. Regulatory compliance was necessarily high, but thanks to a brilliant team effort OSD passed the required CQC assessment with flying colours. In fact had the clinic been a public facility OSD would have scored an ‘Outstanding’ rating. Funny that…because this was exactly one of the core pillars on which I had created the OSD brand!

In fact the entire brand essence was designed to inspire trust. Not only in patients, but staff, strategic partners, suppliers and regulatory bodies too. Vital to the success of OSD as a new clinic without prior reputation, trust building through credibility (values, staff, service and environment) was absolutely central to the strategic plan.

The journey to building a highly reputable brand, significant awareness and big growth had begun in earnest.

Elite Solution

Setting the blueprint for what would become Adaray’s own ‘proven’ service offering, the first step was full immersion into company goals and ambitions, research into the industry and of course analysis of key competitors. Specifically:

Market Research

  • PESTLE Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Research (focus groups for proposition testing and key messaging)

The next fundamental step was to create an authentic brand strategy that would engage all stakeholders (patients, staff and strategic partners alike) and of course engender trust. To deliver this the following was developed:

Brand Strategy

  • Target Audience Profiling (patient personas)
  • Brand essence (visual identity via agency)
  • Positioning (brand and pricing)
  • Vision, Mission, Values

Next the brand was brought to life by creating a bespoke tone of voice and hierarchy of engaging messages that had been verified in targeted focus groups. The result a strong content strategy that compelled to action:

Content Strategy

  • Tone of Voice
  • Core brand messages
  • Key sales messages
  • Plan (online/print materials, social media posts, blogs, newsletters etc.)

The penultimate piece of the puzzle, final strategies were created to generate strong awareness of the brand, its proposition and key messages, with the ultimate aim of driving patient numbers and clinical satisfaction, specifically:

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Goals
  • SMART Objectives
  • Digital & Social Media Strategy
  • PR Strategy

Full foundations set, it was time to fully implement the brand and promote all services (everything from diagnostics to dentistry, GP and physiotherapy to name a few disciplines).

To generate maximum impact a comprehensive multi-channel approach – targeting a variety of channels from radio (GP services for the ‘immediate cure seeker’ patients in general) to highly targeted local newspapers (Orthopaedic surgeon hip and knee events for older ‘dedicated manager’ patients) – was used. Each campaign being devised and executed to reach the ideal audience.

Marketing Implementation

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Activation
  • Marketing Activity Calendar
  • Launch Campaign
Outstanding Results

With such high expectations for this new venture, the thorough approach taken not only created a bespoke brand with competitive state-of-the-art well-being edge (e.g., digital scenes of nature proven to calm patients during MRI and CT scanning were embedded into the diagnostic suite ceiling), but delivered engaging content and a compelling strategy that not only gave the entire business clear direction, but helped OSD attract the best medical and support staff to ensure service excellence, while delivering a post launch campaign revenue increase of 243% and 142% ROI.

With solid foundations set and an excellent service record since launch OSD are now perfectly positioned to deliver their ambition of growing the number of clinics in and around the M25. Providing a much needed affordable private healthcare option for the future.

The future of bookkeeping
Client Story

Like many of the clients I’m proud to have supported and worked alongside, the founder of Numerical Insights Ltd., was inspired to set up business to serve true purpose. With direct experience and understanding of the hard work required to be a successful SME owner, the driving force behind Numerical was to take the pressure off other small business owners. Giving them precious time back to enjoy and spend time with family instead of toiling over ‘the books’.

From forward-thinking Bookkeeper to progressive Finance and HR services champion in Sussex. The re-positioning of Numerical not only delivered a more sustainable business proposition, but immediate opportunity to drive growth.

The Challenge

Aware of the potential negative effect of automation (Making Tax Digital) on Numerical’s core bookkeeping service, its founder was keen to future-proof the business, establish a competitive advantage and ultimately drive the bottom line. Creating a professional brand fit for the future.

Having made the decision that some ‘big thinking’ was needed in order to achieve their ambition Numercial appointed Adaray, appreciating the proven expertise, value and enthusiasm – blue chip quality marketing without the big agency price tag delivered with real passion.

Growth Solution

Utilising the unique PsychTech approach Adaray applies to marketing. It quickly became apparent that Numerical had big growth ambitions (take the Adaray quiz and discover your entrepreneurial type and ambition in just 2 mins) requiring an elite solution that cemented the solid foundations on which to build escalating success.

Taking both founder and key team members on a journey of insight and inspiration, Adaray worked collaboratively, in partnership with Numerical, to ensure total satisfaction at every stage and that the project stayed fully on track.  

Requiring a fast turnaround to hit key calendar dates, the project was concluded in just 8 weeks, delivering a fully defined blueprint for success including:

  • Research (clients, competitors and market)
  • Brand Strategy (Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values)
  • Bespoke Brand Essence (DNA/Personality guiding all you do)
  • Advantage and Positioning (vs key competitors and the market place)
  • Content Strategy ( key brand statements, sales messages and plan )
  • Marketing Strategy (roadmap to achieving all company goals)
  • Marketing Channels (what channels to use to give the highest ROI)
Real Results

Creating a future-proofed brand with a competitive edge that put both customer service (human) and progressiveness (tech) at the heart of its business, Numerical re-positioned to offer accountancy and supporting HR services. Moving beyond basic number-crunching to providing expert insight and guidance, Numerical’s new position and service offering meant that they could now fully champion the success of their clients business.

Further equipped with compelling content, clear goals and SMART objectives, not only did Numerical achieve its ambitions for growth (+ 37% sales, +50% clients…in just 3 months) but increased employee engagement giving clear direction to the entire business and absolute guidance as to what to do, when and how in order to attain a maximum ROI for its marketing activity investment.

With solid foundations set in place and plans for ongoing brand/marketing development, Numerical was now ideally placed to continue enjoying success, not just today but tomorrow too. Something clearly appreciated by Numerical’s new owners, for having generated such a significant increase in sales and client numbers the founder was actually able to exit. Selling the company to a larger competitor, the Numerical brand lives proudly on securing the roles and future of incumbent staff to create a win win scenario that previously was not viable.

Here’s what Numerical’s founder had to say about working with Adaray:

 “We started working with Adaray Marketing in early 2018 to future-proof our bookkeeping company. Jane’s friendly but professional approach allowed us to open up to her sharing our successes and concerns for the business.

With thorough analysis, backed up by multiple reports and data of varying sources, the insights and recommendations given were presented, and as a result we started offering new services such as tax, accountancy and HR.

Jane was keen to involve the whole team as she wanted to ensure everyone’s thoughts and ideas were considered. As a result of Jane’s support, we have changed our company name, have a unique brand that can grow with us and have brand pillars that are now key to all marketing. The strategy is focused and highlighted throughout are the core ideas to springboard us into a saturated arena. What’s more we have seen an increase in turnover in the first three months of 37% so are already seeing a great return on investment (projected 429% by FYE).

Worth her weight in gold, it may come as no surprise that I have already recommended Jane to some of my clients and know that she is now helping them too.”

V. Sanders | Founding Director | Numerical Insights Ltd.

Having formed a strong partnership, indeed friendship, during this great project, I very much look forward to working and supporting this highly entrepreneurial lady in her next exciting venture!

C-suite standard SaaS startup
Client Story

It’s not every day you’re privileged enough to work on a start-up venture with blue-chip backing from six highly enterprising, C-Suite level experts; but this is exactly what happened when Adaray was appointed to help set the blueprint for success with SaaS innovators Evidology.

The genesis behind new regulatory compliance technology that’s multi-regulatory, multi-jurisdictional and multi-project. Evidology’s software knows no boundaries, and as such expectations were set justifiably high from the outset.

The Big Ambition

As a disruptor, big goals were set from the start. Its ambition not just to become the specialist leader in regulatory compliance, but to fundamentally change the way in which it’s managed, called for a strong blue-chip level strategic approach towards shaping their brand and proposition.

An Elite Solution

The bigger the ambition the stronger the strategic foundations need to support successive growth. Working closely in partnership with the board as an outsourced Marketing Director, Adaray used its proprietary PsychTech approach to create targeted strategies and a highly professional brand, with an ideal competitive edge. Securing critical team alignment and support for further development.

Working towards a fixed deadline, the project delivered the foundations necessary to create sustained success within 12 weeks:

  • Research (clients, competitors and market)
  • Brand Strategy (Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values)
  • Bespoke Brand Essence (DNA/Personality guiding all you do)
  • Advantage and Positioning (vs key competitors and the market place)
  • Content Strategy (key brand statements, sales messages and plan)
  • Marketing Strategy (roadmap to achieving all company goals)
  • Marketing Channels (what channels to use to give the highest ROI)
  • Marketing Plan (key activity and tech integrations to drive growth)
The best start

Creating the fundamental elements needed to build success for Evidology, Adaray went a step further than helping to attract angel investors. Instead partnership with a highly established tech company with much stronger awareness was secured. Providing much greater value, this partnership offered direct access to clients on a global scale able to benefit from Evidology’s innovative solution.

An absolute pleasure working with the Evidology team, I always look forward to our follow-up calls and giving a guiding hand, but mostly seeing them go from strength to strength and achieve the success they so thoroughly deserve!

Thankfully this sentiment is shared in the testimonial below:

“Working with Jane was a joy on two levels.

Jane’s attention to detail, and ability to grasp the fundamentals of our (relatively raw) business plan were evident from day one.

Couple that with her unfailing delivery of top-class work on time (or early) and you have a winning formula.

In addition to that, Jane is a delight to work with. Always bubbly and upbeat and never (appears to be) too busy to have a quick update chat.”

T. Barnden | ManagingDirector | Evidology Ltd.