We each have a story to tell, here’s adaray’s…

Adaray was founded with singular vision. To give SME’s affordable access to BIG THINKING through the provision of blue chip marketing expertise, ideas that inspire positive change and a progressive PsychTech approach that optimises success.

To go big you need to THINK BIG and to do that you need a solid strategy to enable you to build and maintain a successful business.

From crafting bespoke brands, creating compelling content and developing SMART marketing strategies, adaray works collaboratively, as a positive driving force, with you and your business to deliver the focus, clarity and direction you need to achieve your full potential.

So whether you’re a Lifestyle Entrepreneur wanting to thrive at doing what you love most, a Growth Entrepreneur looking to fast-track success and take the next step, or an Elite Entrepreneur looking to prosper and ultimately exit, adaray can help you achieve your ambitions, whatever your idea of success may be.

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With its foundations in blue chip marketing and big picture thinking, adaray is based on a set of motivating core values and beliefs which direct and underpin everything it does:


SUPPORTIVE – the very best work is done collaboratively with integrity and ethics at heart

UPBEAT – a genuine smile and positive attitude has the power to transform everything

PROGRESSIVE – forward thinking inspires our today and safeguards our tomorrow

EFFECTIVE – understanding, expertise, hard work and creativity always delivers great results

REAL – being straight forward, honest and authentic is the only way to do good business!

BRAVE – courage is needed to change, but worth the challenge, for without change how can we create a better future?

Driven further by a personal desire to give back to the wider community adaray’s fundamental purpose is to inspire positive change, and proud to be chosen as a keynote speaker for esteemed establishments such as Brighton University. Be it working collaboratively with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals to help them achieve the success they deserve, mentoring the next generation of marketing experts or supporting charitable causes, adaray loves being able to make a positive contribution for the sense of fulfilment and real purpose it engenders.


Reflecting its core purpose adaray’s vision is clearly and simply to create success stories.

Providing maximum benefit for clients adaray’s raison d’être and client centric focus ensures your success comes first and foremost.


Creating SME success stories through the provision of blue chip marketing strategies, expert insights and ideas that inspire positive change and a progressive PsychTech approach to business development.

What’s in a name? In adaray’s case quite a lot, indeed its mission and very essence – Positive, Inspiring, Expert:

• ADD (ad) – positively adding value with blue chip strategic thinking and a progressive Psych/Tech approach

• ARRAY (aray) – employing a wide array of marketing expertise, skill and understanding to drive business success

• RAY (ray) – providing ideas, inspiration and insights that motivate and help you shine

It’s this kind of joined-up big thinking that you can expect should you wish to enjoy working with adaray.