Creating communication and content strategy that fully engages and motivates action.
THINK SMART Engagement

Articulating WHAT you say to fully engage your audience.

In order to engage great content needs to go beyond words to storytelling. Deeply resonating with your audience at a primordial level that taps into core emotions that initiate feeling and ultimately action. But it’s not just how we say things that matters, t’s what we say and the value it has that’s just as important.

Martin Luther King’s legendary statement “I have a dream…” just wouldn’t elicit the same reaction had he stated “My aim is…”. I have a dream is inclusive, impassioned and highly motivating. Creating maximum emotional engagement it has lived on to empower not just his generation, but all those that have followed.

You can have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows about it then not only you but they will be missing out. Augmented with chatbots, social listening and CRM tools, today you can not only ensure that provide exceptional service and seize the right communication opportunities in ‘real time’, but monitor key trends to inform product, service or business development too.

Back to psychology, did you know that a person has to be exposed to a message at least seven times in order for it to make a real impression? That’s an awful lot of repetition, so you need to be sure that you get it right.

Here are just a few key reasons to invest in developing a strongly engaging communications strategy:

Right Message

Creating content that reflects your unique core brand and sales messages has the power to attract, engage and convert your ideal audience, especially when positioned with their needs and preferences in mind.

Right Time

There’s no point talking about ideal Christmas gift giving ideas during summer, unless you live in Australia! Whether you sell products or services, you’ll get the best response if you share content at the right time.

Right Place

Following right time, the right place is also essential. There’s no point promoting Saga Holidays with a Snapchat filter! Whatever form the content takes, whether that’s a blog, video, post or advert, it’s vital o share it where your ideal customers are most likely to view.

Benefiting from its roots in cognitive psychology and a love of the written word, whether it’s a compelling, purpose driven ‘about us’ story you need to engage and motivate your audience, a succinct elevator pitch to convey your proposition, or a clear set of key brand and sales messages to cut-through, engage and convert; Adaray works closely with you and your ideal customers, to define the best narrative to inspire your success story.