Favourite Slogan: Honda – “What’s the point in having a dream if you’re not going to make it happen…”

Hello, I’m Jane Guest, as Founding Director of Adaray I have a great passion and proven track record for creating engaging brands, compelling content and smart marketing strategy that optimises business development and growth. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, since graduating from Sussex Uni with a 2.1 in Cognitive Psychology and Computing Science, there is precious little marketing wise that I haven’t devised, directed or delivered at some point in my blue-chip career. This gives me the great advantage of being able to see right through the line, beyond innovative thinking and results driven strategy to practical implementation.

For example I don’t just create brands, I advise my clients on specific actions they should take as a result of their new brand positioning and how to evaluate success too. I’m told by my clients that this is a real game-changer and one of the many reasons they value my work, which I couldn’t be more delighted by bearing in mind the ‘floating’ role I was given at secondary school as part of the Young Enterprise scheme. Back then I was distraught that I had no specific role. Now being able to turn my hand to a multitude of things is a real blessing, truly helping me to advise my clients beyond the parameters of marketing – think tech, think commercial and of course always think SMART!

Ensuring your strategy isn’t just implemented but optimised, Adaray is proud to partner with highly accomplished professionals as part of its extended team, here are just a few.

A keen collaborator, Adaray loves partnering with other established professionals that have great work values, a strong track record of client success and most importantly, a positive ‘can do’ ethical attitude to work.

If you are these things, please tel: 0777 578 7661, drop me a message or connect to arrange a meeting!

Last but not least, Alfie!

Small in stature but big on personality, Alfie – Head of Engagement at Adaray is always on hand to attend meetings with me. Greeting you enthusiastically and providing a real feel good factor, Alfie is a real joy to be around. If you would like to meet him, just ask and I’ll bring him along to brighten you and your team’s day, after all a happy team is in the long run a productive one! 🙂

Alfie having fun on a blowy day at the beach!