In a world of ever increasing diversity it seems offbeat to be talking about stereotypes, but like everything adaray does this comes from a place of tried and tested rigour – in this case cognitive psychology.

Stereotypes allow us to understand and categorise information quickly. In this instance they provide valuable insight. So whilst your business is unique, just like you, knowing generally where you fit is great start. In this case what your entrepreneurial type (e-type) is, or in other words the level of ambition you have and what success looks like to you and your company.

Understanding your e-type not only offers an interesting insight into the type of business you are running, or wish to run, but most importantly what your level of ambition is for the future.

Now you just need to know how to get there and naturally that’s where Adaray’s expertise comes in. Having ascertained the ambition of each type of entrepreneur, Adaray has designed ideal business development formulas to help achieve the goals of each.

Not sure what you need? Don’t know what you don’t know? Whether you run your business as a one man band or full orchestra, adaray has a proven business development formula designed to offer you everything you need to set the solid foundations necessary for building long-term success.

Discover your e-type and level of ambition by taking adaray’s quick 2 minute profile test.

It couldn’t be simpler to discover the right formula for your ambitions and take that all important first step towards creating your success story. So grab yourself a well earned tea/coffee break and take the profile test, you’ll have finished it before you’ve had time to enjoy that dunked biscuit.

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