why you need to review your brand before you expand into aesthetics…

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Credit: Ian Dooley | Email: ian@sadswim.com

If you are looking to increase your revenue, gross margin and net profit in your dental practice, deepen patient relationships and ultimately improve you and your loved ones’ lifestyle you have probably considered the possibility of expanding into aesthetics. 

Aesthetics is a great revenue stream as patients who have cosmetic injectable treatments return for further treatment multiple times per year. It is also a service ideally suited to dental practitioners who have the refined motor skills and aesthetic appreciation needed to achieve superlative results and the ability to prescribe.

However, even though injectables such as Botox can be used to treat medical conditions such as bruxism and TMJ, in main the new patients you want to attract will be seeking a cosmetic improvement and be coming from a place of aspiration…ultimately wanting to look and feel better about themselves in an environment they feel safe in. 

This means that you will need to consider your brand to ensure that you create an environment and way of being that optimally attracts these new patients looking to be cared for and inspired!

What message does your existing brand convey?

Up until now you’ve done a great job in communicating credibility with your brand, which has inspired trust and loyalty from your dental patients, but so far your brand has probably been quite rightly geared more towards those patients who need your help to correct problems, rather than to those looking to achieve a desirable cosmetic result.

What aesthetic patients do you want to attract and what message do they want to receive?

In addition to your existing patients, you will want to determine just who your ‘ideal’ new aesthetics patients are (and which ones to avoid), what are they looking for and why.

As the DNA of your business, your brand will now also need to attract aesthetic patients who want you to help them achieve their aspirations and boost their self-esteem and confidence. For those who do not currently offer any kind of cosmetic treatment this is an entirely different offering. For those that do, well done you are already a step closer to attracting your ideal aesthetics patient. 

What is the difference between your existing dental brand and your newly combined dentistry and aesthetics brand?

The way you market your dental treatments will differ immensely to how you market your facial aesthetic procedures as general dentistry is marketed as health, whereas aesthetic dentistry is cosmetic.

Aesthetics is more of an emotional need, so your brand will need to engage aesthetics patients, connect with them emotionally to win their hearts, not just their heads. It’s not just about the treatment they receive it’s the way in which they receive it that matters just as much.

Not just your logo, your brand is the perception you create in the mind of your ideal aesthetics patient and the entire experience they receive from your business in every guise – how you do things, what you say, how you look…

Refining your brand and creating a brand essence that conveys efficacy, emotion and what makes you unique will provide you with the competitive advantage you need to help you stand out in a crowd and win more of your ‘ideal’ patients.

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