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BIG INSIGHT: The importance of vision and taking positive action

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Just before heading back to work at the turn of what is not just a new year, but a new decade I took a refreshing walk along the seafront. I’d love to paint a picture of crisp blue skies warmed gently by the sun in your mind, but let’s face it it’s the UK and instead it was mainly overcast and a bit drizzly…

Walking from breaker to breaker along the beach I marvelled, as I often do, at the beautiful patterns and shapes that nature inspires, none more so than in a large piece of driftwood log that had washed up on the beach. Weighing at least 50kg, maybe more it sat proudly, and very steadfastly, on the pebbles.

Exquisitely sculpted and patterned by nature, the moment I laid eyes on it I knew the exact place in my garden I wanted to place it. I could see this so clearly in my mind’s eye that I was determined to get it off the beach…up the hill and all the way home.

But what has this to do with marketing and business? Actually quite a lot and here’s why.

Having clarity of vision gave me purpose and the motivation to realise it. I really wanted that beautiful piece of wood to be a focal point in my new garden. But just how was I going to get it off the beach? In hindsight I really should have rallied the troops to help me, but it was a Sunday (day of rest) and I am, and always have been, up for a personal challenge…

A unique discovery and a journey’s beginning

So I did what I do best, came up with a plan, headed home to get some tools (an old case, 2 dog leads, a very large/sturdy bag and a car boot protection sheet…it’s all I had) and set out to bring that log back home.

It took 3 hours to get my natural art sculpture in situ, but it was worth every effort. Not just because it looks so beautiful in its final resting place, but that it reinforced a really great life and business lesson. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get the log of the beach, but I took positive action. I took the first step and was prepared to – as a former boss always said – put my back into it!

From beach debris…

Suffice to say the salvage mission didn’t quite work out how I had planned, this is real life after all and just like in business a few curve balls headed my way, but for all of that in the end it worked out even better. How? Because I accepted the generous help and support of kind strangers. From the words of praise and encouragement from passers-by, to their actual physical support – the guy that helped me drag it off the beach on the car boot protection sheet secured by dog leads, to the couple who told me about an abandoned trolley that would be far better than the old case I was using to wheel it along the promenade up the hill and finally the group of walkers who helped me lift it into said trolley. They all played a part in helping me achieve my goal and for that I remain most grateful.

…to inspiring natural art sculpture

Of course there were the naysayers too, those who either looked at me like I was crazy or actually came right out and said it. I just smiled and laughed along with them. It made me all the more determined! J

Anyway back to the point…and that point is that as long as you know where you are headed (vision) and determined to get there you can achieve it a lot faster and easier with the help of others. In terms of business it’s working with experts to guide, support and ensure you avoid the many pitfalls (they’ve been there and got the T-shirt) that may cost you dear. Expediting you to where you want to get to more effectively and efficiently. Nobody can know everything, so to drive your business forward, whether it’s help with financial planning, operations or of course marketing, look to work alongside experienced experts to that can help deliver the highest ROI for you, both short and long term.

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