if content is King, what is Queen?

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We’re all familiar with the phrase that content is king. True enough if you post content that isn’t interesting then your audience will switch off. Think negative Facebook posts or yet another healthy breakfast image on Instagram – eventually you’re going to want to switch off.

But this got me thinking. If it really is king, then what is queen? And like in chess is the queen actually more powerful. To my mind it/she is and it has to be strategy.

You can have the most interesting content but if it:

  1. Isn’t relevant and doesn’t speak to your target audience, where they are at. Think ‘greatest football moments of all time’ put in front of a rugby loving audience who may beg to differ that football is the most beautiful game ever…    
  2. Isn’t of benefit, or add value to your target audience at the right time – or even worse does the complete opposite. Think 50% off the day after you’ve already bought that coveted item.
  3. Doesn’t reflect your brand essence (the cornerstone of your business and very DNA) or include core brand or key sales messages

Then you are at the very least missing a trick and at worst completely wasting your time and the few seconds it takes for your audience to work out what you’ve toiled over writing isn’t worth the screen it’s typed on…

Interesting the content may be taken for its own merit, but if it isn’t strategically thought through and executed (right message, right time, right place) then I’m afraid you’ll just be scoring an own goal instead of in an open one.

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