why brands need to be authentic

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Big thanks to Eloise and Amy at Brighton University for filming my key note presentation.

It’s common sense that to be a successful brand you must not only listen to your customers but act accordingly.

And as we’re all too aware, the mood of the nation sadly is not currently in great shape. Weary and wary of political untruths, fake news, privacy breaches and scams (I was only just recently targeted on LinkedIn, thankfully unsuccessfully due to a quick check at Companies House), is it little wonder that a staggering 80% of consumers reportedly believe that brands aren’t open and honest.

With arguably your most precious asset at stake – your brand, it’s time to up the ante on those things highly valued such as trust and transparency or risk laying yourself to on social media ever, which has never been more prevalent.

A great example of how authentic brands are winning and gaining all important competitive advantage/market share relates to Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign, created to empower women and change the conversation around beauty.

Dove’s powerfully engaging ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign

Delivering powerful engagement Dove used real people, showing raw reactions that not only created an emotional connection but led to a leap in sales from £2.4 to £4mn.

But why was this campaign so effective? Even if you’re not female it’s clear to see that it resonated really strongly with Dove’s target audience. They empathised with the people sketched and identified with the truth or misconception that was revealed. This led to trust (you understand me), brand loyalty (you’re here for me) and ultimately peer recommendation (I want to help you too) – the most effective form of advertising any brand can hope to achieve.

Adaray is passionate about crafting authentic brands that are actionable in the real world and act as ‘best friends’ to your ideal customer. For a conversation on how I can help your business win hearts not just minds for lifetime value, please get in touch.

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